I Wish I Was a Roofer

I Wish I Was a Roofer

By Emma Newell on Apr 01 2017

Right now I wish I was a roofer.  If I had to hazard a guess as to how many leaking rooves we have had in the past 2 weeks I would say hundreds.

Hats off to our local SES who have been run off their feet salvaging homes and people’s possessions from the torrential rain that has poured over our Valley.  It always amazes me how the leaks occur at night and how it doesn’t occur to some tenants to move furniture and place a bucket under the drips.  As always, most tenants are great and do all they can to mitigate the damage however there are the few special ones who like to ring me in the middle of the night and are horrified that I expect them to place old towels around or put a bucket under the leak until the sun rises and we can get the appropriate people there to help.
One clever tenant rang late on a Sunday night to say that her loungeroom was full of water.  On questioning her where the leak was coming from, there was nothing from the ceiling, nothing from the windows however her carpet was saturated.  Assuming it was seepage of groundwater a builder attended the following morning and could not trace any leaks or seepage anywhere including plumbing.  The tenant was right the carpet was saturated so was lifted to dry.  Further investigations revealed that her bathroom was so cluttered with “belongings” and I use that term loosely but if you can imagine the average teenage girl’s makeup, hair accessories, creams, lotions etc all kept in the vanity sink accumulated over the past decade you will get a fair picture.  This made it very obvious where the water had come from.  In discussions over her standard, or lack of housekeeping she was quick to advise that she was packing up to move.   Let’s just say this tenant will not be getting her bond back and yes she is ropable and completely blames us.
On the other end of the scale, a young mum rang early one evening to say that water was pouring in the roof in three different spots.  She had rightly contacted the SES who were there wanting to tarp the roof.  She proudly announced buckets and towels were in place to catch the water.   Lights were cutting in and out so SES were wanting an electrician to guarantee their safety on the roof.  A quick call to the owner and he was adamant he didn’t want anyone on the roof as he knew the tiles were brittle and he knew where the SES men would end up.  Those brave SES men threw tarps up anyway, made our tenant safe for the night and we finally convinced our landlord that he needs a new roof – now!  Hopefully by the time this goes to print the rain has passed, the sun is shining and our beautiful Valley is all the more greener for it.